O'Doughs Subscriptions

O'Doughs Dozen

Select your favourite 12 items and we'll include two additional items for free! Best Value!


Favourite 8

Select your favourite 8 items and we'll ship them to you as often as you like!


À La Carte

Create your custom order (min. $35, excluding shipping costs) and we'll ship it direct to your door!


Change it up: Change the products you want delivered at anytime, just log into your account.

Sooner or later: Expecting company or going away? Have your order delivered later in the month or skip a month, just let us know.

Savings + free: Subscribers get shipping discounts plus when you order an assortment of 12 or more you get 2 free!

You're in control: Managing your O’Doughs subscription is easy. Just log into your account and make any modifications you like.

Reminders: We’ll send you reminders so that you can make any changes to your order before we ship.

Follow me: Going south or to the cottage for a few weeks and want your next order shipped to another location? We’ll gladly ship to most places in North America.

Turn it off: Cancel at any time with no hassles or charges.

But what if... I want to make product changes to future orders?

NO PROBLEM! The week before your scheduled order is shipped we send you an email reminding you that you can make changes to your order before we ship it.

But what if... I am heading out of town and still want my delivery or I want O’Doughs to keep it frozen for me until I get home?

NO PROBLEM! Log into your account before the cut-off time and select an alternate address for us to ship to in Ontario*. Or, select “keep it frozen for me until I get back”.

*some restrictions apply

But what if... I no longer need to subscribe because I can purchase your products at a local store?

NO PROBLEM! Simply log into your account and cancel your subscription plan. Your account will not be deleted and you may come back at anytime.

What is an O’Doughs Subscription?

O’Doughs subscriptions are orders shipped direct to your door on a regular basis.

You pick the items you pick the frequency.

We will let you know when your next shipment is about to be prepared and give you the option to change the products you have ordered or the frequency of the shipment in advance. If you want to unsubscribe you can cancel at anytime. All of the convenience direct to your door delivery without any hassles.

How often are subscriptions shipped?

You have the option to have orders shipped weekly, every 2 weeks, monthly or every second month. You can change the frequency at any time.

Where can my subscription be shipped?

We want you to enjoy the great taste of your O’Doughs subscription wherever you are.

If you are spending time at the cottage this summer or heading south for the winter you can have shipments sent to you almost anywhere in North America*. When you get your order notification email you can set the address you want your next order shipped to.

*(check with eatwell@odoughs.com or call customer service at 1-855-636-8447 for available locations).